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Re: [Fluxx] Anyone got the promo cards / Castle expansion yet?

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Wait, are you saying it's ANY purchase? Or ten bucks in LL products?
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Date: Friday, May 22, 2009 10:33:12 am
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Subject: Re: [Fluxx] Anyone got the promo cards / Castle expansion yet?

The Castle expansion and the promo card Sir Not Appearing are promotions 
we're doing through stores so we aren't mailing the promo card out. To find 
a store near you that has both, look on our store locater and look for a 
store with a daisy next to it.

While supplies last, the Sir Not Appearing promo card is free from 
participating stores, and with a $10 purchase you'll get the Castle 
expansion pack free!

If you can't find a store near you that is participating, we have both for 
sale on our website:   http://www.looneylabs.com/

Daniel wrote:
> I happened to stop at two local game stores today.  One didn't have
> any of that (and couldn't find the Castle at the distributor)

Which store/distributor couldn't find it? Almost all of our distributors 
have it so I'm surprised to hear one doesn't. Please tell us the store name 
(and location) we'll follow up with them.

Traitor, the game, is at the printers and will arrive at our warehouse mere 
minutes before we head to Origins. We'll be taking it with us to sell at 
Origins while our warehouse works on shipping it out to distributors and 
stores. It will be for sale in stores starting July 10th, and on our 
website for sale starting July 13th.

We show/talk about the Traitor promo card (which is a Fluxx promo card), in 
this Wunderland article:

We'll be sending the Traitor promo card out to participating stores in June 
before we head to Origins, which they will be giving away. It will also be 
for sale on our website starting July 13th. We made a small run of them to 
show off to the retailers while we were at GTS last month, so with the few 
extra we have from that small run we are including one Traitor promo card 
in each consumer order we ship from our warehouse for the months of May and 
June. If you want to get a copy of The Traitor Fluxx promo card before it 
is for sale on our website on Ju