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  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Jan 2006 01:23:58 -0800

Hmm, let’s see.  First of all, I will, probably, if it’s in the hobby shop, be able to “impulse buy” the multi-colored tubes, in one or both sets of colors. The wife lets me get away with it if it’s a relatively inexpensive “impulse buy”, even if I already know exactly what I’m getting, but she frowns on my buying the same items on the internet. *shrug*  I’m another one of those suckers for those special dice.


On new tubes, it would be cool if each color had a set of rules for a different single stash game printed on it, but, for those of us who either have stashes from sets and want to buy empty tubes for them, or already have stashes in tubes, simply being able to buy the labels to put on the tubes might be a viable option.  Another option might be to see if there is a suitable pre-made label which we can use to print off the rules to affix to our stash tubes.  This could also allow us to keep the rules for our favorite single stash game (or two) on the tube holding our favorite stash.


Another Single Stash game from Slick:

Epicycle, which could be refined to fit on a package, I think.


Also games like CrackeD ICE, while requiring a stash per player, doesn’t really require each player to have individual colors.  Actually, when I’ve played, we haven’t even made it through a full stash worth of pieces.


Oh, and the folded up insert costs would also have to be weighed against the cost of the instruction labels.  I.E. will this insert cost more or less than 2 or 3 labels and is the added clarity allowed from more space worth the cost difference?  After all, even if the paper is the same size as the two or three labels, you also have the back of the paper which can be printed on.  Along with the difference in cost of printing, there is the difference in cost of the label vs the paper, and the cost of affixing the labels vs inserting the paper into the tube.  Is it automated, or done by hand?  How much time does each method take (labor costs)?  And if automation of the process is in the future, which one will be more cost efficient to automate and its cost effectiveness after automation should to be considered.

*scratches his head and wonders where all that came from*


Whoa…ok, it’s still the weekend, shutting off thinking part of brain…ahhh, that’s better. J  I like the idea of the multi-colored tubes in that it will, hopefully, draw more people into the Icehouse games.  Adding single stash games to the tubes might also help draw more people in, as that makes it easy to start playing with just a single stash, making it a less expensive venture into the world of Icehouse.  Each tube having a different game, or at least having several games to choose from, gives more incentive to buy more stashes, as well as more reasons to buy the first stash in the first place, most especially for those who have limited or no internet access.  Yes, even in this day and age, there are still people who do not have much access to the internet. J  We forget that sometimes.


In any case, I’m all for the Treehouse set, although I believe that the labels need a bit more refinement.  It might also be nice if a set of graphics could be developed for use in Icehouse rules, with a key, much like the ones used on the 2nd edition labels.  By making the graphics more universal, confusion can be reduced for new and experienced players alike.


Hmm, ok, enough rambling for now, more will probably follow later,


Scott Sulzer



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I might go along with the Tree House is always green...etc for stores but you may want to folks order them with any color they like off the web or reserve that priveledge to rabbits. Personally I wouldn't be particularly thrilled about purchasing another green stash tho i may do it any way just for the stash tube with the rules and the special die (i am a sucker for that kinda  stuff and would prolly start creating additional uses for a die with words like dig, hop, tip etc on it(it kinda sounds like a drinking game, no?))

Just  sayin,

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In a message dated 1/22/2006 7:30:57 P.M. Central Standard Time, ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Having a multi-color stash as a gateway product does seem somewhat
limiting, unless you plan on focusing on some of the games where color
does not matter.
There are plenty of them out there

The first one that popped into my mind was Martian Chess.  No color needed there.  :)  Then I did a little checking and found that Thin Ice also doesn't depend on color (correct me if I'm wrong...) 


These games (found on SLICK = http://www.icehousegames.com/SLICK.html ) all only require 1 stash - therefore color isn't an issue.


Ice Age



Tic Tac Doh!  (which is in the Ice-7 pack but isn't clickable right now on Slick).


I've played a couple of these, so I can't recommend them for play w/ a single multi-colored stash, but a quick read through doesn't seem to present any problems.  Please correct me if I'm wrong on this!!


Also after a quick read through, I realized that none of them (with the possible exception of TTDoh) would be explainable on two sides of the stash tube.  So, I don't think that having Treehouse as green only, Ice Age as cyan, TTDoh as... I don't know, purple... would work.  You'd need to figure in cost for a folded up insert of rules for each of those.


Anyway, I like the multi-colored tube.  Think of Petra and how she uses the 'mids!  There's got to be others out there (I'm thinking upper elementary math manipulatives here...) for whom multicolored tubes would be advantageous.  But that's for y'all to figure out w/ your employees in the marketing department.  <g>



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