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Re: [Icehouse] [3House] BH using Xeno colors

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 25 Jul 2006 18:18:16 +0000
Well I would MUCH rather have one of my less-than-favorite color assignment schemes used for the Xeno colors than have the issue left up in the air.  If Josh AND the Klingon contingent like the same scheme, I could change my vote as well.  :-)

IF both Cyan and Clear are used, then it becomes even more important to use the initals of the powers instead of the colors when recording games.  Use LA for a Large Attack ship instead of LR, Large Red, or LO, Large Orange.


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From: Josh Drobina <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> As perhaps one of the few people to actually like the Xeno colors better 
> for Homeworlds, I prefer thee assignment:
> Red	Orange - Fire and the Sun are both orange and both hurt if you touch 
> them :)
> Blue	Purple - Purple's wacky and grants the mercurial power of Trade.
> Green	Cyan   - Cyan reminds me of water, and water is necessary for life to 
> thrive and grow
> Yellow	Clear  - I think of this as a speedy General Products hull, since 
> they're totally clear
> This also works best in my mind since it follows the color wheel pretty 
> closely--Red is close to Orange, Blue to Purple, Green to Cyan, and Yellow 
> is the lightest color, hence substituting with Clear makes sense. White 
> could work just as well, but I tend not to play with Opaque pieces in 
> Homeworlds for some reason.
> -- Josh