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RE: [Icehouse] Design Competition?

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Jul 2007 12:00:48 -0700
> Cool! I will try and get this all written up and on the wiki by 
> tonight, but I may not have time tonight, in which case it would

The page is ready and waiting, and feel free to use my initial
 Process (plus subsequent adjustments) for the Procedure section.
 As the Coordinator, I'll leave it up to you as to how to handle
 e-mail-based submissions and voting.

I will be available to polish the Contest rules on the wiki, if
 you need help after the initial draft is posted.

> My thought was to alternate between themed and open competitions. 

Whatever works; but let's get past this first one, first.

An Open Contest would possibly require longer judging times, though,
 as the variety of games might make it hard for judges to, say,
 round up enough pyramids or players. That's just details, though.

> Each game could be entered in at most one of each type of
> competition 

I am more inclined to let any game that hasn't won be resubmitted,
 at this point. Maybe once there's been a few more contest cycles
 we could begin to restrict submissions. Right now, though, I'd
 rather keep submission count high. Besides, I imagine most folks
 won't resubmit too many times, if only because repeated losses
 likely implies a less than ideal game and, as such, judges will
 eventually just disregard repeats on their own. In short, I see
 this as being a largely self-correcting issue (by surrendering
 designers or dismissive judges).

On that note, I am generally opposed to the "Most Improved" notion.
 It requires too much continuity between judges and there's no real
 "meat" to such an award, anyway, as long as folks can resubmit
 losing games with each contest. If the game is really improved,
 it will win (or at least place). The only real key to making such
 resubmission work for the designer is making sure that he or she
 points out the improvements to the judging populace, so that judges
 don't automatically dismiss the repeat entry. This could be as
 simple as (temporarily) highlighting the rule changes in bold or
 colored text or something....

I'm getting psyched!

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