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Re: [Icehouse] Design Competition?

  • FromBrian Campbell <lambda@xxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Jul 2007 13:50:32 -0400
On Jul 12, 2007, at 1:14 PM, David Artman wrote:

RE Brian Campbell running it: Cool by me; and it makes sense, given that you don't want to compete. Even more so, if you can figure out what to do for the tallying process (your access to scripts, for instance). Opening submissions for two weeks, starting the 27th, seems like plenty of time to disseminate the request for submissions between now and then and when you return from vacation (~Aug 10th?). For all intents and purposes, that makes for almost a month of promotion: a Good Thing!

Cool! I will try and get this all written up and on the wiki by tonight, but I may not have time tonight, in which case it would have to wait until Sunday night (I'm away camping for the weekend, but will be back by Sunday afternoon). If I don't get it done by them, please feel free to prod me.

RE Submission or voting by wiki: I proposed submission by e-mail to avoid the potential for removing someone else's submission (yeah, that would be nasty and unthinkable, but effective processes are designed to deal with worst case, not rely on best case). Obviously, such "revisionist" monkey business precludes voting by wiki, as does the need to keep votes hidden until all are submitted. Further, e-mailing submissions lets you have a nice "reveal" of the contestants, all at once, which might lead to more submissions (rather than, say, some folks not submitting because they see a serious contender is already in the contest or because they are shy about "announcing" it publicly via a wiki update). If you're concern, however, is with general dissemination of your e-mail, then why not setup a G-Mail account just for the contests, to which you (or future coordinators) alone have the password.

You have some good points. I don't think people monkeying with submissions is much of a concern, but you're right about the effects it might have on whether people decide to submit, and that it'll make a better splash to see everything revealed at once.

If I have the time, I'll try and set up a web based form for people to submit games and votes, otherwise I'll just do it via email. I certainly could set up a separate email account that a few admins have access to.

SO, in the spirit of waffling, I am good with no theme, one TH stash theme, or 3H theme. AND... here's another thing on which to vote. (Maybe Kristin or Andy could come in here and relieve us of infinite vote regress with a simple suggestion of what they and Looney Labs feel is best at this time, in terms of their own promotions and initiatives?)

My thought was to alternate between themed and open competitions. Each game could be entered in at most one of each type of competition (to prevent seeing the same entries too many times, but to give every game a chance evaluated in different ways). Do you think that would work out?