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Re: [Icehouse] 5th Stash :)

  • Frommiyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Jul 2007 13:30:26 -0400
   Good advice.  I already placed my order for 7 Rainbow sets (brings my total up to 12 sets for the class) and when I get some funds released to me in the fall, assuming there are pyramids left, I'll make my next order Xeno.  To be honest, the only real reason I needed would be the mention of helping clear out back stock to make increase of the odds of a reprint sooner. :D
   Gnostica sounds like such a fun game, but there is no way I'm going to bring a tarot deck into a public school.  I can only imagine the burning at the stake that would arise in this conservative community.
   As for the color translation I will probably just print up a little chart with Andy's conversion he had posted recently and have that up on a wall for anyone who gets confused.


On 7/16/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
First, there are some games on the wiki which actually use all 10 (or 11) colors:
* Stacktors!, my "traditional," gamist/simulationist role playing system using only pyramids
* 10-player Martian Coasters (requires 2 Gift Coasters).
* Any game which requires "one monochrome stash per player" and which supports n-players (e.g. a massive Armada or Gnostica game)

Third, Xeno lags in sales behind Rainbow, possibly leading to the pending shortages of Treehouse until the holidays (see recent post by Kristin). As such, you can help them get closer to the funds they need to do an all-new run!

Of course, in your environment, depending upon your students, you might not be able to do 10-player games or you might not want to deal with "color translation" to use Xeno for games which specify RYG B in their mechanics (e.g. original Homeworlds or RGB).

Hope this helps!

Ora, lege, lege, lege, relege, labora et invenies.

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