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  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 18 Jul 2007 14:12:37 -0500
Christopher Hickman writes:
>> http://www.wunderland.com/icehouse/IcehouseStrategies.html
>Ah, so The Shotgun is like playing Draw-Go in Magic. How annoying. ;)

It's not, truly.

The shotgun as described in "icehouse strategies" is actually a vast
oversimplificiation of the shotgun as it's usually played (including
by Jake, IMEX).

In essence --

The snowball is a highly aggressive strategy -- you do your defense at
the beginning of the game, getting at least one unbreakable fortress.
Then you start picking off defenders -- you don't have to worry about
playing them (fortress!), so you can attack anything people put down
without fear of anything aside from restructuring.  An advanced
snowball will also try to lock in attacks as much as possible to avoid
being restrucutred -- but if need be, simply making sure nobody gets
any prisoners will do nicely.

The shotgun is a highly defensive strategy -- you play most of your
large/medium pieces as defenders in free space, thus making it both
expensive (people need to devote a lot of pieces to do it) and risky
(you could restructre them all) for people to attack you.  However,
part and parcel of this is preventing people from getting a
fortress--both because this makes it easier for you to get a lot of
prisoners on an icehouse call and because players without a fortress
cannot usually afford to devote the number of attackers needed to
substantially hurt you.

Basically, the snowball strategy secures its offense by locking down
defensivley, whereas the shotgun secures its defense by playing

This ignores, of course, the "paranoid shotgun" which is more of what
I usually play -- a mix of snowball fortressing, solidly locked in
attacks, building the snowball around opposing shotgunners, and
shotgunning myself when I think I can get (or have) a good-sized

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