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Re: [Icehouse] New Treehouse Colors - Ideas

  • FromAlan Anderson <aranders@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 10 Aug 2007 00:45:50 -0400
As a postscript to the discussion of Rainbow<->Xeno color mapping a couple of months ago, I proposed a set of colors to maintain the warm/ cool/light/dark/opaque pattern I pointed out.

Warm:Magenta  Cool:Aqua  Light:Pink  Dark:Brown  Opaque:Grey

If it weren't for brown, I might call it the "Pastel" set.

Riffing on Jeff's light/dark train of thought, that gives pairs for many of the colors: white/black, pink/red, aqua/green, cyan/blue, yellow/brown, and if you stretch a bit, magenta/purple.

The leftovers are clear, opaque grey, and orange. I think an even more hypothetical fourth Treehouse set should try to pair up with those three, adding another light/dark pair to fill out the set of five. A dark version of clear would obviously be "smoke". Grey is problematic, being both "light black" and "dark white" simultaneously, and most likely a different shade of opaque grey would be required. Orange too is a very medium shade -- darken it much and it gets close to red, lighten it and it approaches yellow. I think one might be able to make it just dark enough to produce a distinct "pumpkin" shade. What's left in the spectrum is the puce/ lavender range, and I think one might be able to find a deep violet that is distinct from purple, and a light mauve that is distinct from magenta.

Warm:Pumpkin  Cool:Mauve  Light:Smoke  Dark:Violet  Opaque:OtherGrey