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Re: [Icehouse] New Treehouse Colors - Ideas

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 9 Aug 2007 18:05:08 -0700 (PDT)
I agree here, and I'd say, make the tan opaque and that will resolve
the too-close-to-orange-and-yellow issue.  Partially color-blind 
folks like me need the help (I say partial because if lighting is 
low, I have trouble, but in good light, I can usually see the "real"
color).  The truly color-blind probably aren't having a lot of fun
with this one.  Perhaps even keep the brown translucent (though it
might be hard to tell) if you want to minimize opaque colors.

The only other suggestions I'd add are:

Magenta (if you can find a shade that isn't too close to purple or 
red).  Magenta's cool.

Metallics (opaque silver, gold, copper, hematite/graphite, ...), but I 
expect that might involve extra cost to produce those colors.

I like the eco-house idea too... maybe if the translucent tan works
out, you could add that and an opaque green (perhaps a lighter leaf
green?  I hesitate to suggest lime green).  Brown, 2 tans, 2 greens.
Differentiating between translucent brown and opaque brown might 
require LEDs to always be on hand... which suggests to me another 
great add-on for pyramids:  LEDs that fit inside a small (and therefore
fit inside all 3 standard sizes), which can add another property to 
pieces in play -- lit or unlit.  Obviously this wouldn't be cheap, 
and I haven't even done the math/measurements as to whether a standard
lithium battery would fit inside such a device and leave enough room for
a bulb and an on-off switch such that it still fits within the inside
pyramid volume of a 1-pip pawn.  Even if it would only fit into the 3-pip
queens, I'd still buy 'em.

The inevitable Christmas Tree Lighting game would be fun and festive,
and nearly self-marketing.  (keep in mind, I have no idea how much tiny
LED lamps realistically cost; I just know they're putting them everywhere
these days)

All of this just came out of my head as I was commenting on Bart's 
color suggestions, so if none of this is feasible, I apologize.


> - Brown.  This might be a good one for the obligatory opaque color, 
> although people would have to remember that they are not real chocolate 
> and should not be eaten.
> - Dark Green.  I was looking at the existing colors, and I noticed that 
> the green is light enough to make a darker shade be recognizably 
> different.  I'm thinking of what's usually called Forest Green - after 
> all, we do make trees out of them.
> - Tan.  I'm not sure we can slip this between the existing orange and 
> yellow and still be distinct, but it'd look cool. 
> - Smoke (translucent gray).
> - Pink.
> The first three (brown, forest green, tan) got me wondering if an 
> 'Eco-Treehouse', in all earthy colors, would be feasible, but I'm 
> stumped for two more
> new colors that would fit the theme.  (I don't think the gray or the 
> pink would work for that concept).
> Of course, we would also need a new color for the Treehouse die. 
> Bart Janssens
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