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RE: [Icehouse] New Treehouse Colors - Ideas

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 10 Aug 2007 08:29:03 -0700
OOO! Fun! LOVE threads like this....

> The first three (brown, forest green, tan) got me wondering if an 
> 'Eco-Treehouse', in all earthy colors, would be feasible, but I'm 

BRILLIANT! Everybody else just give up; this concept is the winner right
out the gate: great compliment to EcoFluxx... might be a good bridge
product from Fluxx to Icehouse.

> stumped for two more new colors that would fit the theme.
> (I don't think the gray or the pink would work for that concept).

What color is stone? What color are clouds during sunset and wildflowers
and salmon?

> Jewel tones?  Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Emerald

BRILLIANT! I vote for this... uh, too. Can I get two votes? Seriously,
thought, this begins to complete the light/dark pairings (Amythyst &
Purple, Emerald & Green). Peridot can be anywhere from yellow to
greensih, so I don't know where it would land; and garnet and topaz...
well, they can be any one of about six colors, so there's no telling
what color was imagined.

> A precedent has already been established with Blue and Cyan for having a
> light and dark version of a color in the same 'family', so let's follow
> on that: 
> Dark Red ("blood"), dark green ("forest"), light purple ("lavender")

Excellent point... I'll vote for this, too.

> blacklight responsive colors.  Pink, orange, lime, and blue,
> all bright enough to be seen across the room

GENIUS! This is what's been missing for YEARS! Of course the hippie game
company needs to step up with fluorescent color tones, and they could
still map (fairly close to) the light/dark parings that are mentioned

> I would get the basic colors done in opaque and translucent first before
> I went on to other colors.

Actually, I vote for this, too. I mean, really... every transparent
should have an identical opaque. Think of the game rules that opens up.

> Here's my vote (packaged in this order top to bottom):
> - Foggy (transparent) Grey
> - Cherry Blossom Pink
> - Forest Green
> - Tree Bark Brown
> - Mushroom (opaque) Grey

THE WINNER! Very "eco," working towards trans and opaque for each (gray)
and towards light/dark (forest, pink), AND it finishes out the common
spectrum (brown). Everybody gets a taste of what they think "should" be
done to the base spectrum or for trans/opaque pairs completion.

Ryan, you're a genius. Everybody else, you're geniuses, too.

Me? Not a genius.... I can't think of anything that hasn't been posted

Well... except for my idea for colors that fade from transparent at the
base to opaque at the tip. No list of colors ready, but I had the idea
for this when I started getting OCD about how you can sometimes see
little bubbles and irregularities in the tips of trans pyramids. I just
thought, "hmmm... what if they faded from fully opaque to nearly clear
colors; then you'd only see the irregularities from below: an uncommon

But that's just insane. Even though it could be done (with some