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RE: [Icehouse] Boxed Zendo

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 15 Aug 2007 13:23:06 -0700
> From: "Christopher Hickman" <tophu@xxxxxxx>
> Does anybody know anyplace that still has the boxed Zendo?  I'd prefer an
> online retailer...

I googled "zendo sale looney" and found:

--CA$63 (US$59)! Man... and here I found an unopened Zendo in a Florida
game store for $10 last Christmas....
--Interestingly, they also still sell monochrome stashes... but they are
varying prices from CA$10 to CA$20?! I guess they are adjusting prices
based on their stock levels, knowing that no more are coming down from

--IceTowers, actually, for UK£25 (US$50), so you'd still need some
stones (Pottery Barn, World Market, crafts store) and a print-out of the
mega list of Zendo rules (see end of e-mail, below).

But as others have said, the 5 TH sets + Playing With Pyramids deal is
the best way to get it these days:
--Only US$57 for five tubes and a US$12 book = about a US$5 savings over
list price, AND you get an opaque stack. [edit: OK, so buy Xeno and end
up with a white opaque stash.]

[edit:] And I just saw your reply, in particular:
"The rules cards wouldn't do me good without the accompanying pyramids."

You realize that you can replace the colors with another color, if you
want, right? In fact, the mega list of rules doesn't even specify sizes
or colors in its rules, because they can be varied trivially without
weakening or strengthening the rule.

Also this:
"Best way to get those colors without ending up with five Treehouse dice
I don't need and an extra black stash, now that they aren't selling

Hey! Don't knock TH dice; some games use 3, and they make great
hand-outs for demos OR interesting "criticals" dice for a standard RPG
(it's fun to interpret what a "SWAP" critical failure means...).

And an extra black stash is a great opportunity to make a pocket stash
(saw down each mid to one size "smaller": 0-pips, 1-pip, 2-pips) which
can be used for a number of value- (but not placement-)oriented games as
well as all "representative" games (i.e. where the piece size just tells
you how it moves, and it's actual size and even shape are irrelevant).
Or to make a black "skeleton stash" which is usable in stacking games
where an opaque would be a pain (e.g. Volcano):

And beside ALL those great reasons to buy TH 5-sets, perhaps time's not
up yet:

The 14th was yesterday, and I doubt they have handled all the break-up
of every mono stash in one day. The ordering system still lets me add
blue, yellow, red, and green to the cart, for a total of US$40 before

...OR you can buy single pyramids to build up mono stashes, for US$16,

But nevertheless... if you have three or four mono stashes, you *can*
play Zendo right now. Use pennies for "white" koans, dimes for "black"
koans, and pull your rules from the mega list:

Or play Ikkozendo, with any combination of stacks (TH sets, a random
assortment of mono stashes, etc):

Hope this all helps;

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