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Re: [Icehouse] Icehouse Loco Colors

  • From"Jason Darrah" <fsckmydisk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 5 Sep 2007 17:22:55 -0400
On 9/5/07, Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx> wrote:

No, I don't think this is the silver bullet idea... just something more to
chew on.


I think that's the bottom line right there. Everything seems like an almost-but-not-quite good idea, as far as brainstorming about a new color scheme goes. Of course my Icehouse obsession would compel me to get 5 tubes ASAP, but I'd rather wait until a solid idea can be locked down than buy 5 random colors of almost-but-not-quite aesthetically pleasing pyramids.

Another problem that I could see is the idea that it could be hard to market a new color scheme. From what I gather, the Xeno sets don't sell quite as well as the Rainbow sets. Either people don't dig the color scheme in general (I like it better than rainbow, personally, but that's just me), or they see Rainbow as the "default" color scheme. Once the average non-obsessive Icehouse/Treehouse player has a set (or 3 or 5), they probably don't see any reason to get the Xeno sets. They have what they need with the Rainbow sets, and see Xeno simply as an alternative to Rainbow. Aside from a few games on the Wiki, they're basically right. They'll need a way to sell a new color set, instead of making it an alternative color scheme to an alternative color scheme for the "default" Rainbow sets.

Aside from the desire to collect all the colors, the need to play certain fan made games, or maybe the desire to play an 11 player game of Ice Towers (yikes!), the average Joe game consumer doesn't need more than 5 Treehouse sets in one particular color scheme. As much as I'd like a 3rd color scheme, we must remember that those of us on the mailing list are the hardcore fans. Of course we're all going to get 5 (or more) Loco sets. If we spoke for every game consumer out there, Icehouse pieces would be the default game pieces of choice for every gamer, and the Looneys would be able to produce solid gold laser-etched personalized Icehouse pieces, and giant Ice games would finally be recognized as an Olympic sport. Until then, we just have to continue being obsessed with enlongated pyramids and getting other people obsessed with them as well. :)

Besides, when a new color scheme DOES come out, I'm sure Andy will have hatched a clever idea to win yet another well deserved award.

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