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Sounds exciting, Ryan!
I'll reply on the general voting stuff - David, I'm sure, will correct me if I'm wrong! 
The method of voting being used requires each voter rank games "best" to "worst" (or "least best").  So the first example on your list is correct. 
The voting deadline is September 17 (Noon wherever David is?), so if you can get votes in over the weekend, they will be counted!
I for one would love to hear rules feedback, but I'll leave it to the Commish to figure out the best way to harvest such.
Hope your students are enjoying the games as much as I am.
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   This afternoon I began my class of students play testing the 8 games as well as their evaluation of the games.  My after school game club will be doing the same activity.  I wanted to get some specifics as to what data you want back as well as what format you want the data.

Do you want each student to rank the games? (eg.  Tom ranks them 1. Penguin Soccer 2. Zamboni Wars etc.)
Do you want them to rate each game on a scale? (eg. Sally give Zamboni Wars a 4 out of 5 and gives Geomancy a 3 out of 5)
Do you want them to just submit a vote for their top game (eg.  Timothy votes for Penguin Soccer as the best game).

   I am having all the kids take notes on what rules were unclear to them and questions they might have (this is going to be part of a unit on game design my class will be doing later this year) as well as specific things they like/dislike about each game.  If you are interested I can compile some of the general notes and impressions from the students and give each designer some feedback from the perspective of a bunch of 13-15 year old kids learning the game from the rules.

We will be playing the games this week and hopefully will have some votes/data for you next week.  If that isn't timely enough for you no worries.  They are enjoying playtesting some brand new games.  If the designers are interested, even if the votes don't count, I can share the notes with them.  In total I should have between 20-35 kids playing and testing the games.


On 9/8/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Cool enough for me... I'll take five. :)

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> I'd rather see blank Martian Coasters for sale (just the outlines, no colors


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