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RE: [Icehouse] Re: wwNEWS - Twin Win at HersheyPark

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 07 Sep 2007 11:16:12 -0700
> From: miyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
> They will distill it to a single vote per person for simplified bookkeeping
> on your end.

I hope you mean "a ranking list per person," becasue our method for
scoring will kind of break, if you send me 15 "rankings" with just one
game each. Worse still, if you apply some method to find the "average
ranking" amongst your group, as that will (I think) water down their
individual rankings as compared to individuals who submit rankings in

Honestly, I'd just let them all rank alone, as each individual prefers.
That's why we are using the Condorcet Ranked Pairs method in the first
place: you don't have to rank them all, and everyone's rankings carry
equal weight by virtue of the ranked pairs comparisons.

That might make for a slightly longer e-mail from you, but I certainly
would rather have the "burden" of proper rankings from individuals than
some statistics-skewing synthesis of several individuals' rankings into
one! Just let them fill out their rankings, copy them in the e-mail, and
I and my team of mathematical experts will handle the rest. We WANT a
lot of rankings, remember; the more rankings we get, the more "accurate"
or "just" the final ranks will be.

Thanks for doing this! Be sure to provide any feedback you can (rule
clarifications, variations, questions) to the Talk pages--I bet your
kids will come up with TONS of cool tweaks or things to try (maybe that
could be a follow-up session after ranking: "OK, what one thing about
Game X would you change or add to it, to make it more fun?").