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Re: [Icehouse] Win2008 IGDC - Your Thoughts? (long; take your time)

  • Frommiyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 19 Feb 2008 10:27:44 -0500
As someone who participated in the previous judging but not this one take my response for what you will.  I found these games to be a little more confusing and require more extras I didn't have for a whole class of kids (even simple things like chessboards - having enough for a whole class can be tough to scrounge together).

The other factor is the focus on giving feedback on the talkback pages of the wiki and such.  It is most likely just me but I absolutely hate trying to have discussions on wikis.  I think it is a cumbersome process that is not conducive to exchanging ideas and the back and forth needed for something like this.  It isn't that i'm anti-technology or anything like that.  I have tens of thousands of posts on various message boards as well as actively participate in various listservs and blogs. 

After the last time I also wasn't sure if some were uncomfortable with my class having such a large % of the votes so I thought it might be better for me to leave the judging to the professionals. :D


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