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Re: [Icehouse] Win2008 IGDC - Your Thoughts? (long; take your time)

  • From"Avri Klemer" <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 19 Feb 2008 13:51:08 -0500
My feeling mirrors . . . somebody's . . . who suggested we stick with the current schedule for one more cycle. Give it a chance to stick. See if more buzz / WoM can develop . . .


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Q4) Should I begin to run the IGDC annually ONLY?
Q4a) If so, what would be the best time of year to run it?
Q4b) If not, should I shift the twice-annual schedule around somehow?

Keep in mind that this is the general schedule:
Announce to Submission Deadline: 4 to 6 weeks (depending upon design
restriction, if any)
Submission to Judging Deadline: 4 to 6 weeks (depending upon
participation and promotion)
Total from Announce to Final Ranking: 8 to 13 weeks (allowing for
tallying delays)
= 2 to 2.5 months.

Also keep in mind things like traditional school calendar and college
schedules (breaks and exams, in particular), major conventions (conflict
or opportunity?), consumer spending cycles, whatever you think would
help or hinder participation.

Thank, all;

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