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RE: [Icehouse] Win2008 IGDC - Your Thoughts? (long; take your time)

  • FromDoug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 19 Feb 2008 14:10:36 -0500
David Artman writes:
 > I am not quite able to imagine the distinction between sending
 > email to a list versus posting a new subsection on a Talk page and
 > indenting to indicate responses...

Not to reopen this can of worms, but for me, it's simple: I look at my
mailbox and RSS reader many times a day.  I look at the Icehouse wiki
(and other web forums) maybe once a month on average.  If there's a
conversation going on that I want to take part in, I won't see it
unless it arrives in my mailbox or my RSS reader.  I used to subscribe
to the RSS feed of all updates to the wiki, but I eventually
unsubscribed because it was too much noise and not enough signal.  Is
there a way to make a feed out of just my watchlist?  Or have changes
to my watchlist be sent to me by email?

 > If anyone wants to chime in to say they didn't want Ryan's kids to vote,
 > I'm gonna give you the Serious Verbal Slapdown. Seriously. As long as
 > I'm IGDC Coordinator, we don't reject ANYONE'S opinion, ESPECIALLY a
 > huge target demographic: school kids who are gonna rope in friends to
 > play and who are eventually gonna go to college and rope in more, new
 > friends.

I am totally in favor of as many voters as we can get, however we can
get them.  I hope nobody misinterpreted my comment about the last
contest being an "aberration", I didn't mean it pejoratively.