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Re: [Icehouse] Icehouse Game Design Competitions and Icehouse Awards

  • FromMarc Hartstein <marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 06 Nov 2009 12:28:44 -0500
Excerpts from David Artman's message of Thu Nov 05 14:44:36 -0500 2009:
> I wish we could get a Loony opinion, here. It changes a lot of the concept
> of the Best Of Award, if it is not a Looney event or is not at least
> somewhat addressed or acknowledged at The Big Experiment. And I'd really
> like Andy to be involved in nomination or or both, both for the "cache" and
> because he's a damned smart designer (even if he like randomness more than I
> do). ;)

I've brought this thread to the attention of the Big Experiment Steering
Committee [not all of whom read icehouse regularly].  I hope that will
set things in motion for some sort of official response here, but please
don't stop brainstorming and talking about what would be good to have
until that happens.  I'm mostly saying this so you know you're not
talking into a vacuum.

> I'd like the Looneys to at least sanction it and make time for it during
> Origins, even if only a fifteen minute announcement and presentation. Beyond
> that, I suspect it will have to be Coordinated by some fan(s). Association

This is pretty much on-target for how things work as I see it.  And, of
course, the more someone has already stepped up with a plan for how
something is going to work and an offer to put in the time to make it
happen, the easier that thing is to fit into the Experiment, as
volunteer hours are a limiting factor.

> And now I am thinking of some cool ideas for a trophy made out of 'mids, to
> present to the winner (or mail to him or her, if he or she can't attend
> Origins). Hmmm.... would that mean we have to figure out the Winner (or a
> SMALL handful of Finalists) well before Origins, in order for that person to
> make arrangements to be present?

I think that would be really cool.  Someone would have to volunteer to
make them, every year, of course.

I agree with the conclusion you reached: plan to mail it if the person
isn't there, and, like many award ceremonies, let it be one more
encouragement for people who think they might win to come to Origins.
If doing a multi-stage process like Josh suggested up-thread, the
Finalists might want to make a point of coming...

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