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[Icehouse] Best of 2009, next steps

  • From"Jeff Wolfe" <jwolfe@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jun 2010 17:11:33 -0400
Comments on the next steps of the Best in 2009 thing:
1) Anything that is a "qualified yes" should be eliminated.
1a) "Needs work" is incompatible with "award winning".
1b) We are trying to open these games up to a wider audience at a public
event.  Any game that has issues will be counter to that objective.

2) There should be no more than 3 finalists.
2a) We are asking people to take time out of their Origins schedule to learn
and play these games.  If there are too many games, they won't.
2b) Somebody's going to have to make signs and provide copies of the rules.
The fewer games included, the more manageable that will be.

3) I don't think we should nominate games that require exotic equipment
3a) I'm looking at you, Dectana
3b) We would need to provide everything at Origins
3c) That's another barrier to entry to people who aren't already fans

4) Something needs to be done to promote this
4a) People aren't going to do it unless they know about it
4b) If we don't make it look interesting, people won't be interested.

- Jeff