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Re: [Icehouse] Spock Rule Violations

  • Fromtsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 03 Aug 2011 15:55:07 -0500
In consideration of the scrabble dictionary rule, let me offer some simpler examples:

A koan has the buddha nature if the colors in a stack are in ascending order of wavelength. Would this violate the Spock rule? It is refering to an external order. It could of course be re-phrased as "A koan has the buddha nature if the colors in the stack are in the order of red, orange, yellow..." at which point it is entirely internal. One certainly wouldn't quibble about a rule that stated that red must always be above blue, for example, so why quibble about having to follow the EM spectrum? It's just another order.

The same premise holds true for the scrabble dictionary case, which I think was the other poster's point. True, the simplest way to divine the rule would be advance knowledge of the English language, but the rule is still internally consistent. If you had a computer evaluating infinite permutations it would eventually arrive at an equivalent rule. Admittedly, such a Scrabble dictionary rule would be very difficult to get, but I see no reason it would be disallowed.