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[Rabbits] Hippie Day at my High School

  • Fromragnardove@xxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 27 Sep 2005 13:58:23 -0400
I just wanted to share a happy hippie moment with my rabbit friends!
This week is homecomming week at my high school and I'm having some good fun with it.  Our theme is "Blast from the Past" (it's our school's 50th anniversary) (and no, I haven't taught there the entire time it's been open! <g>)  and today is "60's Day." 
I'm pretty much wearing my Rabbit Regalia.  Tie die "Give Geeks a Chance" shirt, jeans, and lab coat (I teach chem).  Pretty much what I wear at cons.  I added in a floppy hat (not the hat w/ ears I wear as a rabbit) and some "love beads" (well, really a few strands of dice-as-a-necklace) and a jeans vest.  The funny part is that people don't believe that I choose to wear this hippie sort of stuff except as part of a costume.
The best part is that I am giving away happy flowers all day.  I had ordered a bunch of them from Kristin a couple of years back and now am seeing the joy of giving them away!  It's so fun to see people light up when you give them a flower.  I'm definately going to have to refill my happy flower box soon!  It's just a blast to give things away that make people smile!
We also had some down-time after finishing one lab, so I broke out the 3 decks of Aquarius that I brought and let my Forensics kids have fun instead of starting a new activity or taking notes.  It was a blast seeing kids play Aquarius on the lab tables and floor, listening to Peter Paul and Mary, and seeing Happy Flowers around my room.  I wish all days could be like this!
Have a great Happy Flower Filled day!
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