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Re: [Rabbits] brainstorming about National Games Week

  • From"Stephanie M. Clarkson" <stephanie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 08 Oct 2005 14:57:10 -0400

Last year, we had this Experiemnt-In-A-Bag available:

Which included LOTS of games, and this full experiment kit:

I can put this kit up again...  but I'd like something smaller.

What is a smaller simpler experiment that we could ask lots of Rabbits to run over National Games Week this year? Maybe something with the new EcoFluxx variant? Or something else that uses only a couple of the games... What sounds like fun?

Based on the games I've found go over really well when demoing (ymmv): Fluxx, Chrononauts, Cosmic Coasters and NanoFictionary.

I also think an 'expansions' pack might be a good idea; for financial reasons, I hadn't picked up the experiment in a bag because I had the 'basics', even though the discount was sweet. So why not split into 'Experiment Core', 'Games Galore' and 'Even More' (or perhaps something less cute)?
Fluxx, Chrononauts, 2 Icehouse stashes and Ice 7, Nanofictionary, Aquarius and a set of blanks/boosters for each game that has them


EcoFluxx, Stoner Fluxx, EA Chrononauts, 2 Icehouse stashes and the Playing with Pyramids book, and a set of blanks/boosters for each game that has them


Q-Turn, Cosmic Coasters, Are You a Werewolf?, Proton, The Chessboard Bandana
Each with a pack of minicatalogues and a flower or two? These are similar to some of the ways you can buy the games right now, but they're ways that make more sense to me. Again, YMMV; we're seriously into opinion here ;-) But speaking of my own buying patterns, that fits into how I bought the games, though I bought stuff from the first bag first, then the third, and finally the second. Offer the bag with all of them, but knock a bit off if people say they don't need the bag? Maybe you might get people who have lots from the first and second sets buying the third to get the bag and the games they haven't gotten around to getting yet....


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