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Re: [Rabbits] questions about Are You a Werewolf? packaging

  • From"Maria Price" <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 27 Feb 2006 21:08:02 -0500
Definitely need some kind of bag.  I prefer the small Ziploc...looks more professional.
The etiquette card and the rules and script on cards is a very good idea and makes things SO much easier when moderating with mostly experienced players & some newbies.  It would also be great to hand these cards to people who come over to watch & start to ask questions.
I'm not sure of the need for the etiquette card, but the rules and script on
cards is a very good idea.  Keep the Hunter card.
--Cosmo  :)

On 2/27/06, David Mc <davidmcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > What about the plastic bags that have the fold-over flap with
> > the temp-stick (like post-it notes).


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