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Re: [Rabbits] Another rabbit craft idea

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 24 Oct 2006 12:21:57 -0500
Thanks for reminding me about the swatch of fabric I had sitting in soapy water... I probably wouldn't have remembered it for a week.

The results are: Black and Blue are still on the stamp, though blue's a bit faded. Red didn't turn out too good.

So I can stamp cloth and make it pretty much permanent.

As for stamps, I've got a foam square, triangle, and octagon (I could trace a coin, but octagons are cooler). Now all I need is some non-chessboard fabric and to sort out some "dirt" from my happy flower pot.

The outline stamp didn't fare too well (foam is bad for cutting with an xacto knife because it tends to depress and never recover)... That and I don't have decent backing for the stamps right now (I just used more foam). I'm going to look into those space stamps today though.


On 10/24/06, Maria Price <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
An easy idea...if the stamp thing didn't pan out....is to have outlines of the shapes & fabric markers to color them in.  The stamps could even just be outlines for that matter.  That way you won't have to worry about multi-colored ink & each bag (or whatever) gets personalized! 

You could always make stencils instead of stamps & the ppl could draw the shapes on the bags with them & color them in. 

That bag website was great!  I've filed that away myself!  Keep up the great creativity!  --Maria

On 10/24/06, Carol Townsend < carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all!!

I love all these bag ideas - they're getting filed away for next year, but feel free to do stuff before Origins!!

Anyway, the reason I'm speaking up at this point is because a question was asked that I can answer:

>>Speaking of coasters... I was wondering if the color combinations for the martian coasters were finalized or not. I was just thinking re-arranging the xeno-rainbow matchups would be more pleasing to the eye (Yellow-orange, Red-purple, green-white, and blue-cyan)... That or have all the colors contrasting (yellow-purple, etc) <<

I am looking at an actual copy of the game right here.  The color combinations are not only finalized - they are already printed and getting packaged and then shipped to distributors and stores around the country. 

The colors are exactly as you see them on this page:

Combinations: Red/white, blue/cyan, green/orange and yellow/purple. 

We are working REALLY hard to get these coasters out to you ASAP!  There's some basic stuff that has to happen first (sorting them - they come shipped as a box of red coasters, a box of blue.... you get the idea) and we have to get them into packs of 1 of each.  Then bagged up with the rules sheet... and we've just gotten this process started.

Stores that get our "Crazy Good Coaster Special" (either direct from us or from their distributor) will be getting the coasters before anyone else.  Point your favorite retailer to this page to let them know about it.

Other than that, Fluxx Espanol and Martian Coasters should both be shipping out to our distributors by the end of next week (around Nov. 3rd) so your favorite game shop can order them then.  In plenty of time for holiday gifting!


ps - I think I stole your name-color Evan - mine's golden on Gmail....

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