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  • From"Trey Reilly" <trey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 7 Jan 2007 12:19:14 -0500
GAMA takes part in Family Friday Night, each month at Columbus' COSI museum.
It's the one night of the month that the museum is open late for members. We
run five tables of games, for about four hours, as part of the general
entertainment of the evening.

We've had a lot of success there, running all sorts of games (including
EcoFluxx). Getting them to carry the games in their stores is going slowly,
but we've had a couple of successes there as well.

Before each session, we'll also print out a list of stores in the area. That
way, if the people we're playing with want to buy a game and the COSI store
doesn't carry it, we can still give them the list and send them to their
local game store.


Trey Reilly

GAMA's Program Manager

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>> Has anyone promoted any games to an educational store or a
>> children's science museum?  I was thinking about promoting some
>> games at a couple of the educational stores in our area and
>> wondered who else has done this, what worked, what didin;t, any
>> other tips. I thought I could promote Eco Fluxx, Nano Fictionary,
>> ECA and maybe a forien language Fluxx or some Treehouse/pyrmaid games.
>> Also, there is a Children's science museum in the area with a
>> little gift shop. Eco Fluxx would look nice there I think.
>> If anyone has done promotions or demos at these 'non gaming' type
>> places, can you offer some advice or tips?
>> --Kimberly
>This is the type of question that should go on the Rabbits list,
>since promoting games is the quintessential Rabbit activity.  I'm
>curious if anyone else has experience in this area as well, since
>Richmond has a Children's Museum (which I think my daughter would
>certainly like to visit) and there is an education store near my house.
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