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Re: [Rabbits] Re: educational stores

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 7 Jan 2007 13:31:45 -0600

On 1/7/07, Kimberly Terrill <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Isn't this a rabbit list?
I never can get the whole correct list thing right. I'll post it at the other list, too, I guess.

The "Something" list is for stuff that's not really related to anything Looney Labs-ish.   The "Rabbits" list is specifically for Rabbit-related things.  

Not all Rabbits are on the Something list.  In fact, I only recently joined myself.  And, I'm not 100% sure because I haven't compared the lists of subscribers completely, but I think that not all subscribers to the Something list are on the Rabbits list.

There are people who subscribe to, say, the Icehouse list who are only interested in the Pyramid games - how they are played, new variants, etc.  But they never ever want to even THINK about going out and doing demos, so they don't subscribe to the Rabbits list because they're not interested in being a Rabbit.

You can go to this page:

... and click on any of the lists to see what they're all about - read the blurb in the "policy" statement of each if you want to know the "defined focus" of the list.

But we're all usually cool about where things go.  If you've "posted something to the wrong place" it's really no big deal... usually someone will just say (like Topher did) "You know.. I think this is better suited for __blank__ list..." and will often just move it over there with their reply.

We're cool - No worries.  :)