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Re: [Rabbits] About an ADULT vs FAMILY FRIENDLY venue aka, gamer bar, was RE: no more hobby store.... I am sad

  • Frommiyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Aug 2007 13:38:57 -0400
Yep, and I hear more of the garbage being spewed from the kids in school, at the mall, or at their high school sports games than I ever have at any bar I have ever been in.


On 8/7/07, Carlton Noles <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think you go to different bars than I do. I hear more swearing and bad behavior at sporting events that I attend (adult or juvenile alcohol or not) than most of the bars I got to. And more sexual innuendo at the mall. But YMMV.  

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