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Re: [Rabbits] no more hobby store.... I am sad - light on the horizon?

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How close to the Ohio River is Lebanon?  I'm located just across the river in WV - about 45 minutes away from Athens.  No game stores at all in my area. :sniff:


On 9/12/07, Ivory Tower Games <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know I'm a little late responding to this and I hope it doesn't violate any policies or anything :)
I followed the link to see where the store that's closing is and it turns out that we are pretty close to you.  We own a game store in Lebanon Ohio - Ivory Tower Games.  Right now we're in about 700 sq feet, but in Oct we're going to do something game stores never seem to do anymore....We're moving into a 3200 sq foot space!!!  Well lit, lots of tables, a few separate rooms (for our noisier teen crowds!) and very family friendly.  Our two daughters that are 8 and 10 spend a lot of time playing in the store, so we wouldn't have it any other way!
We'd love for you to come down and play some LL games with us, maybe a bit far for a weekday trip, but not too bad for a weekend!
Kim Robbins
Ivory Tower Games
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My favorite, local hobby store is closing it's doors. I am sad. I will miss everyone. I will my friends (I opened up more and talked more with those 20-30 game geeks guys than I did with any of the females I know or go to church with..)
It was a HUGE STORE with a HUGE gaming room, well lit. The walls were not plastered with posters and magazines of nearly naked ladies- and the people were thoughful and respectful when my kids were there- I will miss that for my kids.
I hate change and will now have to play LL games somewhere else! It took me over a year to know the names/recognize the faces of the guys that worked thee and a couple regulars.....(and I was there every Saturday almost!)
So, I am sad. I will my miss my gaming store....

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