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Re: [Rabbits] Rabbits Digest, Vol 60, Issue 6

  • FromDavid Artman <david.artman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 21 May 2010 10:48:11 -0400
I suppose I'll weigh in on the name change. Not that this is a poll, of course.

* This sobriquet is being applied to us, rather than chosen by us. In
as much as it's a reflection on Looney Labs's brand, it's their's to
choose. In as much as we volunteer to represent them, it's ours to use
or not. Loyalty obliges, and so folks will do as asked... but they
likewise have every right to "be serious" about it and express how
their new label feels and fits. So... no one should attempt to curtail
commentary or objection--no one has to right to say, effectively,
"shut up and take it" in this discussion group.

* Lab Assistant is very sterile, bland, and has no "hook." I doubt
that I'd call myself that at a con--more likely, I'd just say "Looney
Labs Demoer" and be done with all the branding theatrics. If that
invalidates me as a "proper" Lab Assistant, ineligible for perks, so
be it. I've gotten used to that anyway, over the past three or so

* There's something to the feel and fit of Mad Lab Assistant (and even
more so "Igors"--nice!). But there is also a dissonance: the "Mad"
sets up a vibe that "Assistant" doesn't live up to.

Ultimately, what we call ourselves as demoers will have minimal impact
for the punters as to whether or not we sell games. What it *could*
impact, however, is our approach to demoing, our vibe, our
presentation. For the most part, that vibe is a product of the
demoer's energy level, friendliness, confidence, and knowledge. But
some small part of it is a feeling of belonging, of community. And a
community is often shaped by what it calls itself, what that label's
connotations apply to the collective.

And I don't see much in the way of positive connotation--never mind
Looney Labs brand and vibe--in "Lad Assistant." I encourage additional
consideration and brainstorming at HQ. Lab Assistant is, frankly,

My 2¢;
David Artman