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Re: [Something] [Paradigm] Numbered Tiles? (And B.M.B.)

  • FromKory Heath <kory@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 26 Jul 2006 05:13:59 -0700
Hi Dan!

Dan Isaac 2 wrote:

Just a thought. What if for each color, you placed a sequential number on
the on the back of the tile?
This change would provide a number of pros and cons.
I'm not entirely sure I'm following you here, but let me take a stab: imagine a 6x6 grid which contains four colors - nine tiles of each color, arranged in some pattern. In addition, the tiles of each color are numbered, so the red tiles are numbered from 1-9, the blue tiles are also numbered from 1-9, etc. The numbers of the tiles are visible at the beginning of the game. Basically, the numbers provide an extra level of deduction for the players, once they figure out that there's one "1" of each color, one "2" of each color, etc. I'm not sure how you'd decide which (say) red tile should be #1, which #2, etc. You could go left-to-right, top-to-bottom (which would give players even more deductive information), or you could just mix them up. In that case, it might be more pleasing to use nine icons (so there's one square of each color, one triangle of each color, etc.), since the sequential aspect of the numbers is then not being used.

Anyway, these are interesting ideas to experiment with. Notice that this wouldn't require any change to the game rules - the current version of Paradigm will handle such a pattern. All you have to do is create your square-grid pattern, and then create more SVG objects on top of it. Just make sure you set their stroke-colors and fill-colors to "black" or "null", so they won't count as tiles. The only other catch is that Paradigm doesn't directly support SVG text objects, but any SVG editor (like Inkscape) will allow you to convert text objects into generic paths, which Paradigm will render.

P.S.> Kory. I never knew you were also a musician and singer. I found the
links on your site to the Black Market Beat and I love it. However, the link
for the last song is broken. Let me know if you fix it so I can download
that song too.
Thanks! I fixed the link, so you should be able to download the last song, too.

-- Kory