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[Something] [Paradigm] Numbered Tiles? (And B.M.B.)

  • From"Dan Isaac 2" <disaac2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 25 Jul 2006 13:02:22 -0400
What If...

Just a thought. What if for each color, you placed a sequential number on
the on the back of the tile?
This change would provide a number of pros and cons.

It would provide some more information to go by when trying to decide which
color a specific tile might be.
It would allow for randomly created patterns to be reasonably playable.
It would make construction of logical/fun patterns more difficult.

However, a change like this would probably change the game quite a bit, and
may even result in a completely different game entirely. This may not be the
direction that Kory wants for his game, and it may not work out as being all
that much fun. Play testing and tweaking would definitely be required.

One side benefit, if I recall correctly, is that this could be played with
the Piecepack coins. Don't they have a number on one side and an icon on the
other? But when the color/icon side is up, it might also be nice to know
what the number was on that tile so you would more easily have that info at
hand when attempting to decide what colors other tile of the same number
might be.

Just some thoughts.

- Dan

P.S.> Kory. I never knew you were also a musician and singer. I found the
links on your site to the Black Market Beat and I love it. However, the link
for the last song is broken. Let me know if you fix it so I can download
that song too.

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> > each pattern was designed by a human pattern-designer,
> > whose goal is to make a fun game experience.
> Yeah, I'm feeling it now that I've played a few more games.  Too bad each
> board is kind of a one time deal.  Once you know the pattern,
> it's kind of a
> lock.  As such, playing one's own boards is less than satisfying. (Which
> sucks, considering you can ONLY use your own boards if you
> download the jar.
> Perhaps there could be a repository of game boards to download?)
> Overall, an enjoyable game, though.  Nicely done, Kory. (And an
> extra thanks
> for the pointer to Inkscape.  I needed a nice freebie vector editor, and I
> was previously unaware of its existence.)
> Topher
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