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Re: [Something] What does everyone think of Andy's videos?

  • FromDi <sudduthd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 27 Feb 2007 21:38:45 -0600
I really like Andy's newest endeavor.  It's a lot of fun!!   I confess that I periodically check through the week to see if he's uploaded anything. 

My favorites are his first, Hand Limit Question, and the Tour of the Looney Labs Office.  The hand-limit was clear and concise, taught me something I didn't know, and I was able to use the information within a week of seeing the vid to keep someone from winning Fluxx.  The tour of the office was a favorite just for a chance to see "inside" looney labs.  

I also very much liked the sorting of icehouse-pieces, for the inside-look and the hope that some of those pieces would make an appearance at, oh, say, Origins... where I'd happily look through the various colors to purchase some fun-colored sets and/or stashes...  Please!  But the quality of the vid wasn't as clear, it was a bit dark, so while I like it it's not on my uber-favorite list.

Cats on my Shoulder was fun just because it was FUN!   People should have fun with life, Andy does, and it's obvious.  The watch vid was cute and cool.

I liked About Poison a lot more than the Fluxx Overview because the majority of Fluxx Overview was about the first Origins and the evolution of the "how to play fluxx" spiel.  Interesting, but it almost seemed like it could have been 2 vids.  And Andy was *really* watching either a script or the monitor and didn't seem as "connected" to the viewers in the new Fluxx Overview. 

I was really looking forward to How to Play Martian Coasters, but I think he overlooked mentioning the movement rules.  He explained a lot of the game quite well, but never explained the cost of digging up or the cost of moving.  The vid was good, but the lack of that one component of the game kept it from being great.  The How To Play Fluxx was a little jumpy showing the cards to the screen, but that's ok.  I think he covered the whole scope of the game fairly well.

I don't play Homeworlds (yet), but The Bluebird Mistake seemed really useful if one did...

Sorry this got a bit long.  In summary, I *love* the vids, they're fun and interesting and I look forward to more and more. 

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On 2/27/07, Robin Vinopal <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
We've been meaning to ask everyone what you all think of Andy's newest endeavor - making video's?

Here's his YouTube account:

Which one's are your favorites and least favorites (and why)?


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