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Re: [Fluxx] Computer question

  • From"James Hazelton" <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 11 Sep 2007 14:37:13 -0500
I gotta say, while we're on the topic of Inflation, that it is my absolute favourite card! (Although I wish it were still called X=X+1.) My deck contains two companion cards to Inflation: Deflation (X=X-1) and Standardization (X=3). Standardization makes every number equal 3, so Draw 1, Play 1 along with the Computer and Party Bonus makes it Draw 9, Play 9. It is important to note that Standardization makes everything 3, not three. So if Inflation is in play as well, all numbers become 4 instead. So now we're up to Draw 12, Play 12. And that's not taking into account Rich Bonus, Poor Bonus, or any Draw or Play greater than 1. Luckily, this doesn't come up much, but when it does, it generally heralds the end of the game.

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