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RE: [Fluxx] Eaten by Zero Zombies?

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  • DateFri, 28 Mar 2008 04:01:02 -0700
Gonna try answering your questions, even though I'm not Andy.:)

Larry says nothing about Keepers (As you pointed out, I believe) so I think
it should work against him, since he is a Zombie.

On the Dead Friends rule, it says you have to target your Friend(s) first.
If they aren't in front of you, they aren't your friend, so you don't (or
shouldn't) have to target them first.

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Thanks Andy!

Did you see my own questions?  The two I feel most uncertain about are:

- Can you win while owning both Larry the Zombie and the Sonic 

- If the Dead Friends rule is in force and you own the Shotgun, do you have 
to kill *other* players' Friends before you can kill your own Zombies?

Thanks again!

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>> I am certain that the intention is: if no one has Zombies, nothing gets
>> eaten.  (Correct me if I'm wrong!)
> Correct.
>> This shows the difficulty of writing game rules. It probably didn't
>> occur to them to that this could be a question. A future printing could
>> explicitly address this on the card.
> I actually tried to squeeze in a last minute correction for that but it 
> didn't make it in. Next time for sure...

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