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Re: [Fluxx] Nothing to draw

  • FromPat <xenophule@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 11 Jan 2009 07:46:18 +0000
Just shuffle the discard and continue from there!

On 1/11/09, Michael Brian De Mesa <mikelodeon11@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,  I'm quite new to Fluxx and already a fan of it.  I played Fluxx 3.1,
> Eco and Zombie Fluxx.
> Scenario: Game just started for Zombie Fluxx and there's "Draw 5, Play 1" on
> the rules. Everyone keeps piling up their "hand" size. Mostly keepers,
> creepers and new rules are being played. Also nobody wants to play any hand
> limit rules.  The draw pile is dwindling in size and there's only one card
> in the discard pile.
> here's my question (answer might be obvious):
> So what happens if you run out of card to draw?  Do you just skip the draw
> phase of your turn till your next turn comes up where you can draw enough
> cards for the 'draw requirement'? or draw what you can now and proceed to
> you turn?  Is there a special rule to this?
> ~Michael
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