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Definitely learn Volcano!  It's a great game for few to many people.  Also top of my list is Icetowers and Cracked Ice.  All very different and all fun and easy to learn.  Last one I'd make sure to teach a newbie demonstrator is Martian Chess.  Again, easy to learn, but a nice bit of strategy and makes people come over to look at what you're doing.
Others will chime in with their favorites, but those are my top few. 
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Hello All. 
 Some of you may recognize me from other lists. I'm Michael, Rabbit: "2percentright" 
 I was contacted a little while ago by a rabbit that will be running demo's in my neck of the woods, and asked if i could help. He said he would appreciate all the help he could get, but he SPECIFICALLY needed someone to demo Icehouse games. I finally scrounge the money together and bought a complete Icehouse set, now i just need to learn some games. Volcano looks like a blast. Homeworlds looks interesting, etc. 
 Any suggestions on how to go about teaching myself the games, what games to learn, and such, so i'm prepared for the 'Con in February? 
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