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  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 07 Mar 2007 13:36:15 -0700
> Andy wrote...
> I'm never ever going to say something like that! I prefer to keep
> my options open! Who knows what we'll want to do a few years from
> now? While we definitely won't be making zero-point pieces at any
> time even remotely soon, but never? That I refuse to say.

Fair enough... so we have to piecenik them (for $43 or so) if we want to
have them "even remotely soon." I'll give it some thought... but I am
really adverse to wasting all that plastic. But for what can we use a
bunch of Icehouse Ziggurats, many of which might be mangled in the
cutting process? I see either some bizarre kinetic sculpture... or a
trip tot he recycling bin. :'(

I suppose I could come up with a good use for the four extra tubes,
though. But how many Treehouse dice does one need, after the second and
third? ;) (Actually, being a Demo Rabbit, I can use up to about 10,
assuming I get a LOT of folks interested--like 40 at a time, the
maximum I can do with my current set!)

I suppose one upside is that they'd be "fitted" to each stack, if one
took the time to do so. More likely, though, I'd just pull out one of
the smalls that would yield an extra 0-pointer (in two Rainbow and Xeno
sets, cut up) and use it for the cutting: less likely to screw up one of
the smalls in your current collection, which seems a real risk when
using a small as a cutting jig.

Thank you for replying, Andy! Give some thought to that "even remotely
soon" thing, please--particularly now that you've gotten folks thinking
about 0-pointers, from your YouTube video. ;)


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