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  • From"Peter Aronson" <pbaronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 4 Feb 2006 11:04:59 -0700

Simon Budig wrote:

> I don't like the
>   "GOAL: Make your trio and the House look the same"
>   "Tie? Your turn, your win"
> thing. What about combining this like this:
>   "You win when your turn makes the house and your trio look the same"

Or how about:

You win when at the end of your turn your trio and the House look the same.

This means, of course, that another player can put you in a winning
position, and then a failure to get a pass move means you have to get out of
it before you can win.


A question about tip was asked a ways back and never answered: what happens
if you tip a tower on top of another piece?

First the notation:

Pyramids are always listed from left to right

S = small
M = medium
L =  large

u = points up
l = points left
r = points right

+ = is underneath
, = is to the left of

Each pyramid will be described by [size][orientation] and be separated by an


House starts as: lL,uS,rM
Player trio starts as: uL+uM+uS

The question.  If we start with uL+uS,uM

If we tip the tower to the right, do we get:

(1) rL,rS,uM
(2) rL,uM,rS
(3) rL,uM+uS

I could see an argument for any or all of them, and I don't think the rules
really help.