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Re: [Icehouse] Treehouse Rules V5.0

  • FromLisa Paul <paullisa@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 6 Feb 2006 05:39:39 -0800
My group tried playing this yesterday for the first time (we just hadn't gotten together until now!) with the fourth rules (and very little list commentary/theory), though we've played several Icehouse games before, so here are my comments:

I think that Dig is clearer now. We ignored the "top piece moves to bottom" dig-in-place option; I think we thought it was just a clarification of how one digs *not* in place..

For Hop, the "jumps *up*" wording makes it sound like the piece cannot land on a level equal or less than it started at. We didn't play that way, but it did puzzle me slightly.

Swap is now immediately clear. We actually disallowed "entering a stack", perhaps thinking "if it must" meant "if the two pieces aren't oriented the same", and partly because we weren't sure whether non- tree stacks were allowed.

Tip is slightly clearer, though it was fine before.

Rolling didn't confuse us, but we did reread it a couple times during play, so I think it's more immediately playable now.

On 6-Feb-06, at 5:04 , Kristin Looney wrote:

here is the link again: <http://www.wunderland.com/icehouse/ Treehouse/>

--On February 6, 2006  Andy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone! Thanks so much, yet again, for all the excellent feedback!
Once again, I've incorporated many of your suggestions into my newest
revision, and once again I've updated the webpage with my latest version. And yes, once again, more feedback is requested! And there's almost no
time left at this point!

What's changed? I've re-written several clauses yet again, including
changes to the descriptions of Tip, Swap, Dig, rolling, and dealing with gaps in the line. I've also emphasized a few important words with bold italics, changed "GOAL" to "HOW TO WIN," and converted all the forwards & backwards to lefts & rights. But for once, the rule for who goes first
hasn't changed! I think I've finally got one I like...

I'm really hoping this can be the final version!

-- Andy

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