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RE: [Icehouse] Treehouse Rules handout - please proof!

  • From"Chuck Durfee" <tangentier@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 19 Jun 2006 08:44:40 -0600
I very much like the graphical explanations of how the game is played.  It looks like something I'd find in "Playing with Pyramids".
My only concern as I was reading it was that the game as presented looks more complicated than it is, primarily because I find the "Things You Can't Do" section off-putting.  Instead, I would put the move-specific prohibitions on the back in the move descriptions themselves.  The "You can't alter other player's trios" can be put in the How to Play section right after the sentence "If you can't change either your Trio or the House, roll again."  The last prohibition, "you can't pass if..." is equivalent to the "if you can do the action..." sentence under How to Play, so I'd omit it.
The l's in the Swap section look bolded to me, is that a rendering problem on my end or a problem in the PDF?
Thanks, Carol!
-- Chuck

> Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 22:23:01 -0500
> From: carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: icehouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [Icehouse] Treehouse Rules handout - please proof!
> Hi folks!
> We need just a quick bit of help here.
> Please go to the Wunderland website (www.wunderland.com) and look in
> the top bit of stuff called "What's New" - you'll see a couple of
> links to the current take on what a handout/brochure/tip-sheet thingy
> is for Treehouse.
> PLEASE - look these over ASAP and post any comment, corrections,
> concerns or compliments (wow... that was alliterative...)  to the list
> here.  This synergy is amazing - we went through a bunch of great
> revisions of the original Treehouse rules in record time because you
> folks on this list!
> We'd like to get whatever revisions are needed done soon so we can
> make final changes and print it out before Origins!  Which is WAY too
> soon for some of us!!
> In case we don't say it often enough, we really appreciate all the
> help we get from all you folks.  Thank you!  We really love our
> fantastic Icehouse community!!  You folks rock!
> Carol
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