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[Icehouse] Volcano question

  • FromBart Janssens <bartjanssens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 30 Nov 2006 18:37:27 -0500
Speaking of Volcano.... I love the game, but I've been chewing on a problem that seems to come up a lot in my games.

In a game with more than two players, your success depends quite a bit on what the player who goes immediately before you does - and what state they leave the board in. Some players will go out of their way (perhaps even forgoing a good eruption for themselves) to deny the next player a good move; others will just aim to collect more pieces for themselves, and not care what moves they're leaving open. Yet other players will now and then do a random move to 'open up the board and see what happens.' While the latter is a perfectly legitimate tactic, it does give the next player a noticeable
In the group I'm in, we have a mix of the above play styles - including one player who is quite fond of the 'open up the board' moves. It's to the point where the person sitting next to him is much more likely to win. I don't really fault him- like I said, it's a legitimate style of play- and besides, I get a bit impatient with the 'overly defensive' approach, so I can't complain
about the opposite.
Is this a problem with Volcano itself? I find myself wondering if it would help to have a mechanic to reverse, or randomize, the turn order. It's hardly the only game where turn order has such an effect, but it seems more prominent in Volcano.

Bart Janssens
Double-Duty Lab Rabbit

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