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Re: [Icehouse] 5 dollar gnostica deck

  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 21 Dec 2006 15:51:26 -0500
DOH! I of course meant PERL not Pearl.

On 12/21/06, Aaron Dalton <aaron@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Don Sheldon wrote:
> Hmm, ask a stupid question...
> That was mostly rhetorical.  In the slightly less rhetorical category:
> how would someone go about helping/inspiring/begging the addition of
> said game to said gaming portal?  Does Aaron take requests?  Is he in
> a position to do so now?  What programming language do I have to learn
> now?

Hi, Don!  If you are unable to do the coding yourself, the way to make a
request is via the SDG Wishlist found at
http://wiki.superdupergames.org/wishlist.  As I am the sole
proprietor/admin and have a very busy RL, games are selected in a
somewhat arbitrary manner whenever I have blocks of time.  You are
always welcome to email me directly or post suggestions on the forums as
well (http://forums.superdupergames.org ) but make sure it gets on the
wishlist as well or it'll get lost.  (BTW, Gnostica is currently on the

The reason I personally have not tackled it is because Gnostica is very
complex.  Having not played it myself makes it even more so.  You have a
non-traditional board, variable player powers that include interrupts,
and many other issues.  I personally have simply chosen to focus my time
on other games that more easily fit into the SDG paradigm.

That said, I fully support 3rd-party coders.  Full details on how to
proceed can be found on the wiki's API page
(http://wiki.superdupergames.org/api).  Perl is the needed language.

As for Gnostica in particular, last I heard (back in April), Alex
Scouras (SDG: Lexicon) was attempting this project.  I do not know if
he's a member of the Looney bin, but if he is, he would be the one to
hit-up for information.

Good Gaming!
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