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Re: [Icehouse] Martian Coasters rule question

  • From"Jason Ramboz" <jramboz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 Dec 2006 16:01:26 -0500
On 12/21/06, Greg Crowe <gregcrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The first series of Battlestar Galactica aired in 1978, several years before Icehouse was conceived. It was probably called 'Pyramid' because of the ancient mythology that the writers weaved in. 1978 Galactica's "Pyramid" was just a card game akin to poker. I have no idea why they decided to use "Pyramid" as the name for the Aztech-like ball sport (which was called "Triad" in the 1978 series). They also now call the card game "Triad" or "Full Colors."

As I understand it, the reversal of the game names was essentially a
goof resulting from someone doing things from memory rather than going
back to the original series to check. Oops. It's mentioned in (I
think) the episode commentary on one of the DVDs (or maybe it was a

-- Jason Ramboz