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Re: [Icehouse] Homeworlds Rule Clarification/confirmation

  • FromCarl Worth <cworth@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Jan 2007 15:00:33 -0800
On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:06:32 -0500, "Don Sheldon" wrote:
> > PS. If the two-player variant, ("Binary Homeworlds"), is officially
> > recognized by the author, it would be nice to have its adaptations
> > listed in a final "Variant for two players" section of the rules. Is
> > John Cooper reading this list, or should I be CC:ing him with some
> > address?
> You don't really /need/ his say on it, for several reasons (none of
> which will be anything resembling "he can't tell me how to play this
> game!!!!11," I promise).

No, of course not. I was just hoping that the standard rules would
mention it...

And, (idiot me) they do, "(for a two-player game, use three pieces of
each size/color)". I don't know how I missed that when I checked.

Sorry about the noise.


PS. Though perhaps it would make sense to add a quick "skip this
section for a two player game" to the Good and Evil section, (and a
similar "in a two-player game you win by eliminating the other player"
for Elimination and Winning). No big deal though, the player will
figure it out eventually. (And since the original author does appear
to prefer the four player game, perhaps the rules are exactly as they
should be).

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