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RE: [Icehouse] Monochrone Stashes - LAST CHANCE TO BUY

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I second that!


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Long time customers (such as yourself) who are fans of Icehouse probably have all the single-color stashes (or, at the very least, the ones that they want for their favorite games).  The simple truth is that Treehouse is selling (actually selling out!) and is an approachable "newbie" friendly entry into the Icehouse world.

It's the same reason your game store at the mall carries 20 versions of Monopoly and a bunch of tacky chess sets.  It's not for their hard core audience but rather to pay the rent. 

As a fan of Icehouse, I want to see it become a viable commercial product because it means the Looneys can introduce new products in the line and do other cool things because they can afford to.  If it wasn't about being a financial concern, they'd still be pouring molds in their living room.

Also - when have the Looneys never given back to their supporters?  (Seriously - name me another game company that sends out Christmas cards to their fans let alone free game components...)  If Treehouse becomes a smash hit, I'm sure they will do as they always do and reward the loyalty of their fans. 


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I like to support the Looneys, and have for years, but I feel I must voice my opinion on this.  They haven't gone to China for manufacturing (and thus save a lot of costs) because they kept to their principles of American manufacturing; why should they feel this stash-to-tree change (un-friendly to their long-time consumers) should be made for purely financial reasons?  Where is the hippy reciprocity?


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