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Re: [Icehouse] Monochrone Stashes - LAST CHANCE TO BUY

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  • DateWed, 1 Aug 2007 23:56:07 -0500
Thank you for your responses.  My responses to your responses:
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On Aug 1, 2007, at 10:40 PM, swandive78@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I like to support the Looneys, and have for years, but I feel I
> must voice my opinion on this. They haven't gone to China for
> manufacturing (and thus save a lot of costs) because they kept to
> their principles of American manufacturing; why should they feel
> this stash-to-tree change (un-friendly to their long-time
> consumers) should be made for purely financial reasons? Where is
> the hippy reciprocity?

I'm a "long-time consumer" of Looney Labs games, and I don't see
anything un-friendly about Treehouse. On the contrary, it's the
only Icehouse pyramid game that I've seen actually draw people to

Well, that's your experience.  I have yet to see it attract non-players, and in my experience, it's actually turned a few new players off to Icehouse.  But that is a matter of taste.  There are a lot of Icehouse games I like, a a lot I don't care for.  Treehouse is not an evil game; I just don't care for it.  I wanted to like it, but alas...

Granted, you now have to buy five tubes instead of four in order to
play a game designed for the old way of doing things.

My point, exactly.  That could be anywhere from ten to forty dollars more than I might spend on a particular project with the stash system.

But if you're a long-time consumer, you probably already have the stashes
you need to play those, right?

Not necessarily.  For example, what if I wanted to make two sets of "zero pip" pyramids?
What if I wanted to give a gift of two-player Extinction

And what you call "purely financial reasons" has been adequately demonstrated as making the
difference between having Icehouse pyramids for sale and...not.

No, it hasn't been adequately demonstrated. 
Actually, it has not been "demonstrated" at all.
That's part of the disingenuousness that I feel is being perpetuated (unwittingly or otherwise) on this thread.

As for reciprocity--didn't Kristin just announce that stashes of
grey pyramids are included in the LAST CHANCE, available not only
Rabbits but to everyone?

For a LIMITED TIME...once again, exactly my point. 
What happens when I want some red pyramids six months from now?

Don't the Looneys give out free
promotional cards that are actually useful in their games?

Yes, and they have also sold them to me as well. 
Not germane to my comments.

I'm honestly curious. Besides your personal lack of enthusiasm for
the game whose rules are now on the package, what do you think
makes the Treehouse concept an unfriendly change?

I feel that they are not materially supporting the game system I've been following and purchasing for about seven years now. 

The Treehouse bundling is not user-friendly to the stash system.

I also don't think it's friendly to the people who have been followers for longer than me.

As I said, this is just me voicing an opinion with due respect, and not a trolling post.

Thanks for listening.
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