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Re: [Icehouse] Monochrone Stashes - LAST CHANCE TO BUY

  • FromDale Newfield <Dale@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 02 Aug 2007 01:28:36 -0400
swandive78@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
For example, what if I wanted to make two sets of "zero pip" pyramids?

That's a lot of pyramids any way you cut it. I'm actually excited about the treehouse sets for this very purpose--it'll be much *cheaper* to outfit an entire stash-based icehouse set with 0 pip versions--just two treehouse sets is enough to extend 5 solid stashes to 5 nests of 4 sizes each, with one in each color to spare for mess-ups!

(Hrm, an extra set of volcano caps would even enable me to do that for my grey stash...)

And best of all, none of that is going out of print!


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