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RE: [Icehouse] Re: Monochrome Stashes - LAST COMMENT!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 09:06:49 -0700
> From: "Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hasbro/PB/MB Parts:
> http://www.hasbro.com/default.cfm?page=cs_parts
> Mattel Parts:
> https://store.mattel.com/transition.aspx?TransitionID=103

*blink blink*

Uh, OK, never mind. It *does* occur to you... it never occurred to me to
even look. Managing consumer expectations is a bitch, eh?

> However, it does say in the single pyramid page that they can't support
> selling them "in quantity".  I wonder if that includes buying a single-color
> stash a'la carte.

(From the product page:)
"NOTE: This is for replacements only... we can not sell a single size in
quantity, they are molded for us in sets of 3."

You'd be buying in "sets of 3" to make a mono stash, so the production
limitation which explains why they "can not sell a single size in
quantity" is addressed. There could easily be other limitations which
forbid a full mono stash sale, though, sure. But I always read that as
saying, "Don't try to order fifty small purples because you want them
for life counters in Magic or VTES" (which I bet was happening from time
to time, in the early days).

Dueling anecdotes aside, we can only speculate without the Looneys
telling us their current restrictions and future plans. I was just
giving them praise for even offering the singles at all (it doesn't
really change my willingness to praise to know multi-billion dollar
companies do also) and reminding folks that $6 more isn't such a big
deal, if they're sweating filling out a missing color from a Zendo or
IceTowers box.

*gives dead horse one more firm kick, for good measure*