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RE: [Icehouse] Re: Monochrome Stashes - LAST COMMENT!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 07:39:32 -0700
> Yeah, my $2 comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, since five trios at two bucks
> means ten dollars, and if they would do that it would pretty much make all
> our bitching moot, eh?

But you still don't get a tube for them; add a buck.

I think the $1 premium price per piece represents two things to LL:
1) Compensation for labor of handling a single pyramid to fulfill a line
item on an order. Someone has to physically get a single pyramid and
stick it in the box. The same set of motions (or even fewer, perhaps)
puts a whole set/stash in the same box.
2) Compensation for breaking up SOME kind of stash/set, be it mono or
spectrum. They aren't in business to sell single pyramids, so their
ordering and stocking of product does not reflect that. Every single
pyramid sold (all things being equal) means some set/stash will sit
until another 14 sell, a dead product.

Frankly, we're damned lucky the Looneys have the means to offer single
pyramids (I suspect mainly due to occasional blems in a mono stash which
meant they had dead product anyway). What do you do, for instance, if
you loose the little dog in a Monopoly set? Cry and moan, but does it
even OCCUR to you to expect Parker Brothers to stock individual dogs
pieces to sell on demand?!? Bad example because you don't need the dog
to play, just any marker? OK, an Othello set. Can you buy individual
Othello pieces, if you lose a few? (Actually, you can find both on eBay,
but not from the manufacturers. God Save eBay!)

Fortunately, I've never needed a replacement: I am very paranoid about
handling them and not dropping them or stomping them, and I watch them
at cons like a hawk. But if I did need one pyramid to refill a mono
stash, I'd be crying hard that I had to buy a whole TH set instead of a
single mid... even at $2 each!

If the only way to save the mono stash is at a premium of 60% cost
increase, I say quit complaining and be thankful that's still an option.
Or take out a loan and buy the last stash or three you need to fill out
a half-spectrum. Or pony up for five-sets when you want to give 2 or 3
mono stashes as gifts and pat yourself on the back for being ahead of
the gift-buying curve for your next mono stashes gift.

Thanks, Looneys, for the single pyramid replacement!