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RE: [Icehouse] [Twin Win] Picky picky picky rules comment.

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I believe you are correct in determining the the actual meaning of his

My answer would be NO

If you move into the center square with your first action, you are not
required to move the out of that square.
If you choose to move out of the center square it would cost you another

I.e. you could move two pieces into the center square.

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> Um, did we read the same post?  Ryan's question was "So if I use my first
> move of a turn to move into the center space, I have to use the second to
> move out from it?" The answer to this question is, "Yes" (you do have to
> spend another action point to be able to move out from the center space)
> Ryan said he was confident the answer to this question was "No."  It seems
> his assumption was that if you move into the center square, you should
> immediately move out of that square, all as part of a single action.

No, He asked "if the first action is to move in, is it required that
the second action be to move out?" (ie, move in AND out)

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